Dimitri Wahyudiputra

Software Engineer, Educator

はじめまして! 👋

You can call me Dim or Demit. I'm a person who enjoys playful cleverness. I'm currently working (remotely) at Hacktiv8 Coding Bootcamp in Jakarta as a Full-Stack JavaScript Instructor, see the program here.

Terminal emulator is where I spend most of my time, mainly to build tools/scripts for myself, just to make my daily tasks easier. I also created an organization with one of my colleagues that publishes open-source libraries for you to use in your JavaScript projects. It's called esmilo, you can check it out here.

Besides coding, you may find me racing on typeracer.com, playing Slipknot songs on a guitar or throwing EWGFs on Tekken 7.

Please refer to links below if you wanted to contact me, read my blog or just wanted to know what I've been up to.